Send us your news!

As an exhibitor, you can use our extended PR services to promote your activity during African Utility Week to the attending media. 

You should think about things like:

  • Product launches
  • On-stand presentations
  • Visiting dignitaries
  • Demonstrations

Send any information you wish to share to to make your content freely available to the visiting media, and help make your attendance at African Utility Week a success.

What is interesting to share, and what not? A few guidelines..

  • Do! share news about projects or demos which your company is involved in. Do you have news on a partnership or perhaps one of your products or services has been implemented by one of your utility clients. Let us know and we will be happy to share your news with the industry.
  • Don't share company profiles or product descriptions as this is already something we will be promoting in the exhibitor list!
  • Do! share updates on what your company will be promoting during the event, for example, a product launch, a round table session, a networking event you plan to organize. 
  • Don't send us multiple articles. We and our partners have limited space, so please try to keep it concise and communicate only 1 message. The more to the point, the better.